Starring Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone and Joe Pesci
All screencaps are high quality DVD, capped at a resolution of 1024 x 576 and are in chronological order and have had their black bars cropped.
I have not capped any of the very violent bloody scenes. however, there are a lot of caps that do depict violence.
Zip1 - Intro 14.9Mb (152)
Zip2 - Sam falls in Love 17.4 Mb (167)
Zip3 - Nicky moves to vegas (94) 8.92 Mb
Zip4 - Her life will never be the same (134) 12.9 Mb
Zip5 - Diamonds and the goodlife (127) 12.3
Zip6 - Infidelity. (150) 14.3 Mb
Zip7 - Things come undone (324) 34.3 Mb
Zip8 - Marital Discontent (200) 18.8 Mb
Zip9 - The biggest mistake. (129) 11.9Mb
Zip10 - Ginger runs away with it all (274) 28.1
Zip11 - The FBI muscle in and everyone must die (128) 13.2 Mb


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