1.22 What Kind Of Day Has It Been

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s01e22_017 s01e22_019 s01e22_029 s01e22_033 s01e22_034
s01e22_043 s01e22_052 s01e22_053 s01e22_056 s01e22_064
s01e22_068 s01e22_070 s01e22_077 s01e22_080 s01e22_084
s01e22_091 s01e22_093 s01e22_097 s01e22_102 s01e22_105
s01e22_107 s01e22_113 s01e22_115 s01e22_119 s01e22_121
s01e22_125 s01e22_128 s01e22_130 s01e22_136 s01e22_138
s01e22_141 s01e22_152 s01e22_155 s01e22_160 s01e22_165

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