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Isaac and Ishmael
Zip (383), 42.7Mb. DVD quality, 960x540.
Abbey Bartlet, Ron Butterfield, Raqim Ali


3.01 Manchester (one)
Zip (689), 30.4Mb. DVD quality, 600x350.
Nancy McNally, Abbey Bartlet, Oliver Babish, Ed & Larry, Joey Lucas, Kenny Thurman, Bruno Gianelli, Doug Wegland, Connie Tate,, Margaret, Carol.

3.02 Manchester (two)
Zip (894), 58.4Mb. DVD quality, 750x435.
Nancy McNally, Abbey Bartlet,  Ed & Larry, Joey Lucas, Kenny Thurman, Bruno Gianelli,  Doug Wegland, Connie Tate,, Margaret.

3.03 Ways and Means
Zip (631), 18.7Mb. DVD quality, 600x350.
Oliver Babish, Ainsley Hayes, Bruno Gianelli, Doug Wegland, Connie Tate, Clifford Calley, Margaret, Carol

3.04 On The Day Before
Zip (759), 48.3Mb. DVD quality, 750x435.
Nancy McNally, Sherry Wexler, Congressman Kimball, Ed & larry, Katie, Mark, Ginger, Bonnie, Margaret, Carol

3.05 War Crimes 
Zip (472), 42.5Mb. DVD quality, 854x480.
Will Sawyer,  Ginger, Carol.

3.06 Gone Quiet
Zip (448), 47.5Mb. DVD quality, 960x540.
Abbey Bartlet, Oliver Babish, Bruno Gianelli, Albie Duncan, Nancy McNally, Connie Tate, Tawny Cryer, Ginger, Bonnie, Carol.

3.07 The Indians in the Lobby
Zip (400), 35.6Mb. DVD quality, 853x480.
Abbey Bartlet, Bruno Gianelli, Jack Lone Feather, Maggie Morningstar-Charles, Ginger, Nancy, Margaret, Carol, Mark.

3.08 The Women Of Qumar
Zip (832), 87.3Mb. DVD quality, 960x540.
Nancy McNally, Amy Gardner,  Ed & larry, Katie, Mark, Ginger,  Margaret, Carol.

3.09 Bartlet For America
Zip (723), 40.0Mb. DVD quality, 750x435.
John Hoynes, Abbey Bartlet, Jordan Kendall, Clifford Calley, Mike Casper, Delores Landingham, Margaret.   

3.10 H. Con-172.
Zip (887), 59.4Mb. DVD quality, 750x435.  
Amy Gardner, Jordan Kendall, Cliff Calley, Ed & Larry, Ginger, Carol, Margaret.

3.11 100000 Airplanes
Zip (785), 71.9Mb. DVD quality, 960x540.  
Amy Gardner, Nancy, Ginger, Margaret.

3.12 The Two Bartlets
Zip (583), 49.0Mb. DVD quality, 960x540.  
Amy Gardner, Joey Lucas, Kenny Thurmon, Lisa Sherborne,  Carol,  Ginger, Ed, Larry.

3.13 Night Five
Zip (838), 39.8Mb. DVD quality, 750x435.
Andrea Wyatt, Ainsley Hayes, Stanley Keyworth, Katie Witt, Mark (reporter), Janet Price, Celia Walton, Bonnie, Ginger, Margaret.

3.14 Hartsfield's Landing
Zip (427), 43.9Mb. DVD quality, 1024x576.
Nancy McNally, Ed & Larry,  Margaret, Carol, Mark, Chris, Katie, Steve.

3.15 Dead Irish Writers.
Zip (903), 50.0Mb. DVD quality, 750x435..
Lord John Marbury, Abbey Bartlet, Amy Gardner.

3.16 The U.S. Poet Laureate.
Zip (896), 50.6Mb. DVD quality, 750x435.
Ainsley Hayes, Tabatha Fortis, Katie Witt, Mark (reporter), Chris (reporter), Bonnie, Ginger, Carol, Margaret.

3.17 Stirred
Zip (642), 62.2Mb. DVD quality, 960x540.
John Hoynes, Ed & Larry, Ginger, Margaret.   

3.18 Special Documentary Episode
Features interviews with Former Presidents and White House Staff in Real Life including Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Dee Dee Myers and others.


3.19 Enemies, Foreign and Domestic
Zip (788), 26.7Mb. DVD quality, 624x360.
Simon Donovan, Ron Butterfield, Admiral Percy Fitzwallace,Carol.

3.20 The Black Vera Wang
Zip (744), 37.6Mb. DVD quality, 750x435.
Simon Donovan, Bruno gianelli, Admiral Percy Fitzwallace, Hogan Cregg, Margaret, Ginger, Bonnie, Carol

3.21 We Killed Yamamoto
Zip (758), 49.2Mb. DVD quality, 750x435
Simon Donovan, Admiral Percy Fitzwallace, Amy Gardner, Ed&Larry.

3.22 Posse Comitatus
Zip (682), 21.2Mb. DVD quality, 600x345.
Simon Donovan, Ron Butterfield, Admiral Percy Fitzwallace, Stanley Keyworth, Amy Gardner, Debbie Fidderer, Robert Ritchie, Margaret, Carol.