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4.01 20 Hours in America (One)
Zip (819), 59.6Mb. DVD quality, 750x422.
Bruno Gianelli, Ed & Larry, Admiral Fitzwallace, Katie Witt, Mark (reporter), Ginger, Carol, Margaret.
4.02  20 Hours In America (Two)
Zip. (658), 21.9Mb. DVD quality, 624x350.
Abbey Bartlet, Bruno Gianelli, Debbie Fiderer, Larry, Anthony.

4.03 College Kids
Zip. (536), 31.1Mb. DVD quality, 1016x570.
Admiral Percy Fitzwallace, Mike Casper, Bruno Gianelli, Amy Gardner, Jordan Kendall, Debbie Fiderer, Carol, Katie Witt, Steve (Reporter), Mark.(reporter).  Special Appearances by The Barenaked Ladies and Aimee Mann.
4.04 The Red Mass
Zip. (740), 65.8Mb. DVD quality, 960x540.
Senator Howard Stackhouse, Amy Gardener,  Mike Casper, Katie Witt, Anthony Marcus, Margaret, Ginger.
4.05 Debate Camp
Zip. (857), 54.1Mb. DVD quality, 1016x570.
Andrea Wyatt, Amy Gardmer, Admiral Percy Fitzwallace, Joey Lucas, Kenny Thurmon, Delores Landingham, Ed&Larry, Margaret, Carol, Ginger.
4.06 Game On
Zip. (983), 58.1Mb. DVD quality, 750x422.  
Andrea Wyatt, Robert Ritchie, Will Bailey, Jordan Kendall, Elsie Snuffin, Albie Duncan, Margaret, Carol, Ginger.
4.07 Election Night
Zip. (953), 72.6Mb. DVD quality, 800x450.  
Abbey Bartlet, Andrea Wyatt,  Will Bailey,  Elsie Snuffin,  Lieutenant Commander Jack Reese, Debbie Fiderer, Ed&Larry, Katie, Steve, Mark, Carol, Ginger, Bonnie.
4.08 Process Stories
Zip. (998), 29.7Mb. DVD quality, 600x337.
Abbey Bartlet, Bruno Gianelli, Andrea Wyatt, Amy Gardner, Lieutenant Commander Jack Reese, Jordan Kendall, Ed&Larry, Ginger, Bonnie, Carol.
4.09 Swiss Diplomacy
Zip. (719), 49.8Mb. DVD quality, 800x450.
Abbey Bartlet, Will Bailey, John Hoynes,  Debbie Fiderer, Elsie Snuffin, Lieutenant Commander Jack Reese, Margaret, Nancy, Ginger, Bonnie, Carol.
4.10 Arctic Radar
Zip. (734), 58.9Mb. DVD quality, 896x504.
Will Bailey, Amy Gardner, Lieutenant Commander Jack Reese, Admiral Percy Fitzwallace,  Mitch- reporter, Katie Witt, Mark O'Donnell,  Nancy, Carol.
4.11 Holy Night
Zip. (424), 13.9Mb. DVD quality, 560x314.
Stanley Keyworth, Danny Concannon, Zoey Bartlet, Jean Paul, and Jules Ziegler, Carol.
4.12 Guns Not Butter
Zip. (726), 35.1Mb. DVD quality, 750x421.
Danny Concannon, Elsie Snuffin, Zoey Bartlet, Jean Paul, Ed & Larry, Steve (reporter), Katie (reporter), Mark (Reporter), Carol, Ginger.
4.13 The Long Goodbye
Zip. (676), 48.3Mb. DVD quality, 800x450. 
Special CJ Cregg episode. With Tal Cregg, Marco. Toby, Josh and Carol appear briefly.
4.14 Inauguration (Part 1)
Zip. (732), 57.9Mb. DVD quality, 896x504.
Danny Concannon, Miles Hutchinson, Bob Slattery, Debbie Fiderer, Elsie Snuffin,  Ed & Larry,  Katie (reporter), Mark (Reporter), Carol, Bonnie.
4.15 Inauguration- Over There
Zip. (809), 25.5Mb. DVD quality, 624x350.
Abbey Bartlet, Danny Concannon, Ed&Larry, Carol.
4.16 The California 47th
Zip. (735), 37.4Mb. DVD quality, 750x418.
Andrea Wyatt, Admiral Fitzwallace, Debbie Fiderer, Elsie Snuffin, Zoey Bartlet, Jean Paul, Ed & Larry, Steve (reporter), Katie (reporter), Mark (Reporter), Carol, Ginger, Margaret, Nancy.
4.17 Red Haven's On Fire
Zip. (567), 47.6Mb. DVD quality, 896x504.
Sam Seaborn, Abbey Bartlet, Will Bailey, Amy Gardner,  Debbie Fiderer, Elsie Snuffin, Admiral Percy Fitzwallace, Margaret, Nancy.

4.18 Privateers
Zip. (345), 19.8Mb. DVD quality, 960x540.  New! 14 Oct 07
Will Bailey, Amy Gardner, Abbey Bartlet


4.19 Angel Maintenance
Zip. (480), 39.3Mb. DVD quality, 896x504.
Will Bailey, Ed & Larry, Steve (reporter), Katie (reporter), Mark (Reporter), Chris (Reporter),  Margaret.

4.20 Evidence of Things Not Seen
Zip. (870), 25.6Mb. DVD quality, 600x340.
Ron Butterfield, Joe Quincy, Zoey Bartlet, Debbie Fiderer, Margaret, Nancy.


4.21 Life On Mars New! 14 Nov 07
Zip. (400), 24.9Mb. DVD quality, 960x540.
Joe Quincy, John Hoynes, Margaret, Carol, Katie, Chris, Mark.  


4.22 Commencement
Zip. (919), 58.3Mb. DVD quality, 1016x570.
Abbey Bartlet, Zoey Bartlet, Nancy McNally, Andrea Wyatt, Amy Gardner, Danny Concannon, Ron Butterfield, Wesley Davis, Jean Paul, Admiral Fitwallace, Margaret.

4.23 Twenty Five
Zip. (787), 53.6Mb. DVD quality, 750x422.
Glen Walken, Abbey Bartlet,  Nancy McNally, Admiral Fitzwallace, Ron Butterfield, Mike Casper, Amy Gardner,  Wesley Davis, Jean Paul,Katie Witt, Mark O'Donnell, Steve (Reporter), Carol, Ginger, Bonnie,  Margaret.