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Season 6 and 7 screen captures taken with VirtualDub and Hypersnap-DX.

Season's 1 - 5 taken with either PowerDVD4 or VirtualDub-MPEG2 and Hypersnap-DX.

All post processing of screencaps carried out with Adobe Photoshop CS.

Galleries created with Adobe Photoshop CS.

Zip Files

The size of the images in the zip files for some episodes may be smaller than those in the Gallery due to bandwidth and disk space constraints at the time of capping. The dimensions of images in the zip files is indicated alongside - please take note before you download. All newly capped episodes will be the same size and quality as in the gallery.

With recently capped episodes I've included a gallery in the zip file - the same type that you view online. If you wish to make use of the Gallery just click on one of the index files, but please, take note that you must keep everything together in the folder for the Gallery to work - do not delete or move anything out. If you don't wish to use the gallery feature just discard everything except for the "images" folder and browse through this as you normally would.
This procedure adds approx 2-4Mb to the size of the zip files. Overall, I haven't had a lot of feedback on this. One person wrote and said it was a great idea, another totally abused me for doing it. So if for some reason it doesn't work on your computer, please let me know before I put up anymore zips.


Download Accelerators/Managers - Unable to download the zips?

Please don't use them! Just by their 'multi-channel' design, from a server point of view they are inefficient, they deplete bandwidth and are a huge drain on server resources - slowing things down for everyone using the site. I have disabled many of the more popular ones. If you have been unable to download zip files this might be the reason. Please download using your browser instead.